lotus refurb

Les Paul Style Lotus Makeover

this guitar was done for a friend who really likes metal. he was gifted this and hated just about everything about it. some prior owner had tried to customize this guitar and had only succeeded in fucking it up.  there was an aftermarket pickup that was installed poorly, the action was too high to be playable, and a broken strap-lock that had become a permanent fixture of the guitar.  adjustments and changes include: paint job, neck adjustment to bring down action, removal of stop tail piece, addition of Bigsby tremolo, removal of pick-guard, skull etched pick-up covers, and my favorite- a glowing red skull that lights up when the cord is plugged into the guitar- plus some other various tweeking.

a little hard to see, but this is the guitar before i started

getting ready to paint

skull etched pick-up covers

new electronics added and working

primed and ready for paint

painted and buffed shiny, also new volume and tone controls

neck attached, ready to install Bigsby tremelo

all put together and lookin nice

 i mentioned he likes metal, he also likes these

new electronics cover

it lights up when plugged in.  in person it is red, not the pink shown here

that is all.  LD out.