effects pedals

The Bad Baby

the bad baby is a tremolo / faux ring modulator pedal made for a friend of mine.  the controls are "coarse" "fine" "distortion" and "volume" there is also a toggle switch to change between normal (fast) and very slow osculation.  

the intent was to make a pedal that would yield nintendo-ish 8-bit sound and i think it gets pretty damn close.

coarse and fine adjust the speed of the osculation just as you would assume they would, coarse gets you close and fine lets you fine tune the speed to match your desired pitch.  the distortion knob determines how fuzzy the pedal gets and the volume controls the volume... sounds stupid but this pedal will boost the volume an insane amount so it was needed.

it has a true bypass switch and a pink indicator led to match the sickening pink paint job.

it belongs to Ian Fields of the Blowtorches... check them out, they rock hard


here is the bad baby in action:

the Doom Echo

the idea behind the doom echo was not to limit what it can do, and it can do quite a lot.  a lot of what it does is not for everyone, it can get pretty dirty and loud, not to mention noisy and piercing.  at the heart of this pedal is a digital delay circuit, it's normal function is to do a nice clean "slap-back" delay... and that is it... but it can do way more.  

the controls are "mix" which adjusts the volume of the delay, "delay time" which can go from super-short robot delay to ultra long, lofi as hell, noisy delay, and "feedback" which controls the number of repeats.  the feedback knob will take it from one repeat all the way to self-oscillation.  the "starve" switch drops the voltage going into the circuit and generally causes very very nasty noise, it might not be included on future models as it is not very stable.  sometimes switching it on will cause the delay to quit working until the power is unplugged.  the "modulate" switch boosts the function of the feedback knob; if not switched on the unit will not self-oscillate, with it on it will.  the doom echo has true bypass and runs off of a 9Volt CENTER POSITIVE adapter.  DO NOT run it with a center negative adapter as this could cause damage to the pedal.

the Echo Fuzz

the echo fuzz is an analogue delay pedal which gives a smooth echo / faux-reverb as well as a nice sounding, warm fuzzy distortion.  the echo itself is fairly short but nice.  at the shortest delay setting, this pedal will do a nice space echo and at the longest it will be a bit longer than a slap back. 

the controls on the pedal are "mix" "delay" "feedback" and "gain".  the mix knob controls the volume of the echo, with this knob all the way down the pedal acts purely as a fuzz pedal.  the delay knob sets the length of the delay time and the feedback knob sets the number of delays.  at the highest setting for the feedback knob the pedal will self oscillate, but not to the point of being unruly.  as you might have guessed, the gain knob adjusts the amount of distortion.

the echo fuzz has a true bypass switch and runs on a 9volt CENTER POSITIVE adapter.  DO NOT use a center negative adapter or bad things will happen (to the pedal, you will probably be ok).