1958 Guild Re-Bind & Refurbish

this guitar was left to bake in an attic for years and needed a lot of attention.  the bindings were all pulling away from the guitar body and the neck binding was all cracked and falling off.  the frets were rusty and it was missing its pickguard.

the neck was the first to get new binding

the fingerboard was dry as toast, a little linseed oil helps 


next was the body binding.  the channel was too big to use a standard sized binding so lamination was necessary.

since i was hoping to not have to refinish the guild masking was needed

the binding is then shaped to fit into the curves of the body

glue and clamping

then LOTS of picky sanding and scraping to make the binding flush with the guitar without scraping up the finish

lots of sanding and scraping.

any gaps that existed, i filled with the binding shavings, melted into a paste with some acetone

mitre cut and ready for the last piece of binding

all bound and ready for a couple of fresh coats of lacquer

i had to make new mounting parts for the new pickguard since the origional parts have been lost to time. 

 after a few coats of lacquer, and some time at the polishing wheel here is the finished Guild

she's a real pretty girl, and sounds even better than she looks.

everything that was done:
new binding
frets crowned and polished
new pickguard and hardware
intoneation fixed
everything cleaned and polished
new strings

i think thats it